Festivus Games Competition

We're hosting the Festivus Games on April 22nd, 2023

Join the Festivus Games at CrossFit Fairhope! We are seeking Individual Athletes or 3 Man Same Sex Teams! This competition is one you do not want to miss!

Individual and 3-Man Teams Competition

April 22nd, 8am-4pm, 807 Nichols Avenue, Fairhope, AL 36532

We’re hosting the April 22nd Festivus Games event! Join us for a fantastic day of CrossFit, Community, and a little Competition!

Festivus Games, since 2011, is a competition for "the rest of us" - for the 95% of athletes who aren't pure-Rx firebreathers. When you compete in Festivus Games you can expect to be challenged but when you see our WODs you'll finally be able to say "I can do that!" You can also expect to have a lot of fun! With your boxmates, you will sweat, laugh, cheer and compete.


The WODs are out! To Register for the competition click the link!  https://festivusgames.com/info/73253/