"Summer of 181 Challenger"

Jessica started CrossFit in January!

My Why:

I saw so much success with the last challenge because I was doing it with others. I’ve still got a long way to go, and this will keep me on track because I’ll have others trying to achieve goals along side me. Along with my goals, I’d love to see about 4 more inches lost and further progress on pull-ups.



-Down 11 lbs.

-Down 8.5 inches total (3.5 chest, 2.0 waist, 2.5 hips)


My goals were to:

-Lose 8-10 more pounds by the end of the challenge. ✅

-Run 1/2 mile every Friday. ✅

-Get snatch over 75 lbs. without muscling it past my face. ✅

I also wanted to lose 4 more inches, and make progress on my pull-ups – and I was able to do both!!!! (YAY!)

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